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Discography (cd's)

Hein Braat

Hein Braat CD Gayatri Mantra / Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra


One of the most beautiful and well-known mantras is the Gayatri Mantra. An invocation to liberate the soul from ignorance and darkness and - like the sunlight - gain clarity in our insights. Insights to walk that path that will enlighten our hearts and lead us to an ever higher state of spirituality. This mantra is called the essence of the ancient holy ones.


Gayatri mantra

The second mantra on this CD is the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra. And what a mantra that is! This mantra is said to juvenate, maintain good health, improve well-being and prosperity and to take care of a long life in peace, love, prosperity and satisfaction. That seems quite a lot, but just listen to it, (with your heart, not just your ears) and yes, it’s all that. It is the mantra of the lord Shiva. It arouses the Shiva force within you and puts an end to fear of death and liberates you from the circle of life and death. Impressive as can be.

The continuous recitation of this mantra (patiently and with dedication) could lead to nothing less than enlightenment. This mantra evokes peace and reflection. Listen or sing along with Hein’s impressive voice and discover the silence within.

Track Listing

1. Gayatri Mantra 31.32 minutes
2. Maha Mrityeonjaya Mantra 31.12 minutes

Total Time: 62.44


 Hein Braat

Hein Braat CD Kali Mantra / Narayana / Om Namaha Shivaya


 This mantra honours and celebrates the goddess "Shakti". We presently live in the age of Kali, in which the renaissance of all feminine aspects of the divine are visible. The Kali Mantra is about the trinity of creation, maintenance and destruction. Often Kali has a negative meaning, but nothing is further from the truth. It is the imagination of the natural cycles, the creative powers and the giver of new life. Shakti/Kali is life itself.

 Kali Mantra


The Kali Mantra aims at acknowledging and worshipping the deepest of the whole creation. It is the metaphor of total liberation from suffering: by destroying everything, new life is created. Kali appears in times when chaos and destruction need to be transformed into Love and Harmony. A Mantra which will touch you deeply.

Track Listing
1. Kali Mantra 31.19 minutes
2. Narayana 21.29 minutes
3. Om Namaha Shivaya 10.04 minutes

Total Time: 62.52
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Hein Braat

Hein Braat CD Om Mani Padme Hum/Om

This CD is a meditation itself. By singing along with it one can experience the power of one of the most used Buddhist Mantras. This mantra – also called Mani - is said to be the seat of all Mantras. Should you have forgotten your own special mantra then this Om Mani Padme Hum (Tibetan: Om Mani Peme Hum) can always be used as the mantra of all Mantras.


The ancient and very deep going Mantra 'Om' fills the second part of this CD.

The six syllables "Om - Ma - Ni - Pad - Me - Hum" are dedicated to and will invoke the Deity Chenrezig, the embodiment of sympathy. Let Hein Braat enchant you with his voice.

Track listening
Om Mani Padme Hum 28.03 minutes
OM 33.55 minutes

Total Time: 61.58


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Hein Braat


Hein Braat CD Om Namaha Shivaya/Brahma Murari



With his extraordinary voice Hein Braat sings the ancient Mantra Om Namaha Shivaya. Listen to it as a meditation or sing along to experience directly the 'reviving' feeling that this mantra evokes. In the Indian devotionals it is this particular mantra which is most frequently used and which has numerous interpretations.
The essence of this Mantra is: "I honour the Self within in me...".


Track Listing
1. Om Namaha Shivaya 26.58 minutes
2. Bramha Murari 28.16 minutes
Total Time: 54.74

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Hein Braat

Hein Braat CD Surya Mantra's

This first cd of Hein Braat contains five mantras. The first mantras are dedicated to Surya, the sun and its powers.

The other four mantras are: Chandra Gayatri, Gajananam, Akhan Jor and Hansa Gayatri. The explanations of these mantras are included in this cd.

Surya Mantras

Track listening
1. Surya Mantras 15.40 minutes
2. Chandra Gayatri 09.49 minutes
3. Gajananam 13.21 minutes
4. Akhan Jor 16.59 minutes
5. Hansa Gayatri 09.47 minutes
Total Time: 65.36

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